Never Spend Time Organizing Notes Again

Productivity matters. InfinityNote is a note taking app that organizes your notes for you automatically. Zero effort.

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Leave organizing notes to computers – Focus on what matters

Work is simply too busy to spend time organizing your notes. You need to focus on what matters. Goals. Productivity. Delivering value. You need to have all the data at your fingertips at all times. Losing a piece of information is not an option.

That's where InfinityNote comes in. Write all your notes into a single document and let the app do the work. Organize all your notes automatically with zero effort. Do instantaneous context aware searches into your data. View grouped notes by topic, keyword, time or tag and find what you are looking for with context at a glance. Use the calendar view to check what you wrote down last Tuesday after that meeting.

Never spend time organizing your notes again. Focus on what matters.

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